BuddiesKraft is an Indian Minecraft community of friendly & passionate Minecrafters. We play together on BuddiesKraft servers and create Minecraft content including videos, tutorials, data packs, resource packs, maps and much more. We started our journey as a small SMP on 1st January 2021. Since then we played many seasons together and the community has grown up a lot. Hundreds of Minecrafters are connected with us at this point of time with various channels.

Administration of BuddiesKraft is being managed by a small team of volunteers who manage different domains of work like managing a particular social handle, helping in administration of servers, suggesting improvements and enforcing feedbacks etc.

We have servers to play, which you can join after connecting with us on Discord. We publish Minecraft content on Planet Minecraft including Data Packs, Resource Packs & Maps. We publish game play and news videos on our YouTube channel. You can find portfolio of all this work on our website buddieskraft.com. We also keep sharing updates through our social media handles at Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Live Streams are also organized occasionally on our YouTube channel and Facebook page.